Our business includes CNC milling and turning.

Timaco Oy

Timaco Oy is a machine shop that has operated in Iisalmi, Finland, since 1996. We have long-term experience in the manufacture of machined products, which constitutes the basis of our expertise and skills. Our field of operations includes CNC milling and turning. Our selection includes a wide range of products for the needs of the metal industry. We manufacture small and medium-sized pieces that require high quality and precision. We are also able to supply installation-ready entities that include, where required, welding, and assembly. The products can also be delivered with the desired surface treatment, such as painting, heat treatment, passivation, and anodic treatment, based on customer needs. 

The operating principle of our company is based on reliability and flexibility. We aim to accommodate the needs of our customers and always try to find the solution that is best for all parties. We are a reliable supplier that always complies with the agreed delivery schedule, without compromising on the quality.

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Product development 

We are an active part of the product development chain. We cooperate smoothly with the designers and participate in the development of the products in order to make their manufacturing process smoother. Product development supports cost-efficiency, enabling us to generate significant savings in the manufacturing expenses of the products together with the customer.

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