3D measurement and scanning

We have a coordinate measuring machine that enables extremely precise dimensioning of various types of parts and pieces reliably and quickly. The machine has a tilting measuring head, which enables the workpiece to be measured from various directions without readjustment. A scanning head is available for the machine as an accessory and enables precise modeling and measurement without touching. We also have a Romer measuring arm and various recording measuring instruments, which enable us to produce digital measurement reports.

This 3D measurement service is an efficient part of our quality assurance and production processes, ensuring that the dimensions of the workpiece corresponding to the plan. The method is also suited to highly complex parts, surfaces, and materials.

The benefits of 3D measurement in short

  • Reliable measurement of workpieces made of nearly any material e.g. machined and painted metal, plastic, rubber, and carbon fibers.
  • Precise results of complex, challenging, and irregular workpieces. 
  • Allows for measuring workpieces with a large surface area at one go. 
  • A quick method that saves time.

We are happy to tell you more – please contact us! Also, read about our 3D printing service.

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